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Welcome to the home page of the Cadence Users Group at University of Massachusetts Amherst. UMass-Amherst is a participant in the University Software Program of Cadence design systems. The Cadence suite of EDA software is managed and distributed by ECS, the Engineering Computing Services at UMass-Amherst. These tools are for use by faculty, staff, and students affiliated with the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department as part of course-work and/or academic research.

Courses using Cadence

Research Groups using Cadence

         Advanced VLSI Design and Testing Lab (led by Prof Sandip Kundu)

         VLSI Circuits and Systems Group (led by Prof Wayne Burleson)

         Reconfigurable Computing Group (led by Prof Russell Tessier)

         Laboratory for Microwave and Millimeterwave Devices and Applications (led by Prof R. W. Jackson)

         Center for Biological Systems and Signal Processing (led by Prof. Paul Siqueira)

         Center for Wireless Communication (led by Prof. Dennis Goeckel)

         RF Nanoelectronics (led by Prof. J. Bardin)

         Microwave Remote Sensing Laboratory (led by Profs. Steve Frasier and Paul Siqueira)

Professors with Affiliated Research

         Joseph C. Bardin, Associate Professor. Expertise: RF/AMS CMOS and SiGe BiCMOS design, low-noise circuits, adaptive RF circuits, device modeling.

         Wayne Burleson, Professor. Expertise: VLSI Circuit Design (Variation, Noise, Interconnects, Clocking and Power), VLSI Architectures for DSP, Cryptography, Graphics,  Embedded Security (RFID, PUF, TRNG, Side-channels, Payment Systems, Transportation, Medical Devices), Adaptive Systems on Chip and VLSI Signal Processing

         Daniel Holcomb, Assistant Professor. Expertise: Embedded Systems Security (Supply Chain, TRNG, PUF, Side channels, Crypto Implementations, Defending against Physical Attacks, FPGA)

         Robert W. Jackson, Professor. Expertise: Microwave Integrated Circuits, Integrated Antennas, Microwave Engineering

         Sandip Kundu, Professor. Expertise: VLSI Circuit Design & Test, CAD for VLSI Circuit Design & Test, High Performance Circuit Design, Design of Resilient Computing Systems.

         Andras C. Moritz, CMOS/nanoscale fabrics, Placement, Layout and Routing

         Paul Siqueira, Professor. Expertise: Microwave and Millimeterwave Engineering, Electromagnetic Wave Propagation, Remote Sensing and Remote Sensing Systems

         Russell Tessier, Professor. Expertise: Field Programmable Gate Arrays, Embedded Systems, Network-on-Chip, On-chip Monitoring, Reconfigurable Computing


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